Stray Stars: Lyre Troop

Stargazer's Vow

          Stargazer stands firm in front of the severely injured man, as the blue lightsaber ignites just above their heads. The scene is in stark contrast to the last time she saw a lightsaber so many years ago…


          “Girls, I will hold them off while you escape! Stargazer, you know what must be done!” The bothan jedi yells to the young togrutas while deflecting gun fire with his lightsaber. It is inevitable that soon he will be overwhelmed by the Imperial forces who have been alerted to the attempt to escape.

          A crack fractures in Alama’s cold guarded wall as tears fall from the corners of her eyes and a rough cry escapes her lips, “Master Diomhair, we cannot abandon you!”

Stargazer’s face sets in grit determination as her hand grasps Alama—who turns to her with hopeful eyes thinking that Stargazer agrees with her and will make a stand—and with all of her might yanks the younger togruta away and makes way for the ship. Her own eyes blurry with tears, Stargazer does not need to see the look of betrayal in Alama’s eyes to know how she feels, for she feels it even more so in her own heart. Using abilities she does not yet understand, Stargazer flings objects, more felt than seen, obscuring their path to the sides as they run towards the objective. Once safely on the ship, they take one final look back to the brave bothan. He is surrounded. He looks back to them and their eyes lock. Knowing that his mission was complete, that he saved their lives from a dark fate, Doimhair accepts his without fear. The young togrutas clasp each other as sobs racked their bodies. Stargazer vows, Never will I watch someone suffer ever again.

They were children no longer.


          Now here she stands in this world of opposites. Hunting an bothan rather than being saved by one. A Jedi about to execute an innocent rather than saving one. How can things be so turned around?!


          Stargazer sigh of relief as the saber is sheathed is cut short—“If you won’t kill him then I will!” Killric’s gun aimed right at the both of them. A firm hand grasps his shoulder and changes Killric’s mind, the gun is lowered.

          Hoping to finally be out of the thick of it when the options of which ship to go to, their old ship with the prisoner or the new ship given by the prisoner, Stargazer eagerly calls out “I’m going with Big Bird!” Hanging close to her new favorite person.

          “SO PURDY!” Stargazer exclaims while looking at the impressive ship. ‘Though that may cause a problem for us’ she notes as her eyes fall over the yellow spikey emblem. The group decides they want to go to the upper level and explore the ship, but Stargazer needs a moment away from those she does not know if she can trust and enters what appears to have been a luxurious bedroom.

          ‘You know what would be perfect right now? Something to eat!’ Stargazer thinks to her companion.

          In a response that is the equivalent of a human rolling their eyes, Vera responds Typical Stargazer, seeking to stuff your face after doing something incredibly stupid.’

          Pretending to ignore her comment, Stargazer exclaims “Oooo what’s this?! … And this! And this! … And—OOPS!” With an ornate cane, flute, and little guns awkwardly in hands, Stargazer sees 5 balls and hears one of them click. Nothing good ever comes from spheres… Suddenly she see’s herself being scolded—in front of everyone!

          Time to go Vera, the search for snacks continues!’

          They make their way to the upper deck and Vera sniffs the way to the cafeteria. Stargazer’s eyes go wide, “JACKPOT!” and proceeds to rapidly search all the cupboards for the best snacks, stuffing her face and pockets equally as she does so. Vera stealthily finds herself some dried carrots while Stargazer is distracted.

          ‘We should check on the other two leggers.’

          Stargazer nods to Vera and quickly goes downstairs to check on them and calls out, “Everything going all right down here?”

          Scanning the room for any distress, she notices that everyone seems to be in quite a.. state with what they’ve found in the cargo hold.

          “Yup, all’s good!”

          “…verrrryyy good…”

          “So.. many.. drugs…”

          ‘There are.. strange smells in there…’

          Satisfied that all was well and not wanting to discover the reason for their oddity, Stargazer notes one particular person missing. ‘We must go find Big Bird!’


Walseem's Control
(1) Temptation - Log

“Good.” Walseem thought to himself, “This is all stuff we can use, especially with that bothan stealing Killric’s ship.  Plenty of food, clean water and what the hell? Dobri? A single bottle, probably someone’s stash for a trip.  Might be able to trade with it, but if I’m going to do that I better keep it away from Killric and the Besa—” lost in searching through the supplies and not paying attention, Walseem is startled by the Varactyl running circles in the cargo bay and drops the bottle.  “Damn…guess I don’t have to worry about anyone getting into it. Better get this cleaned up.”   After picking up the glass and dodging the Varactyl, Walseem heads to a lower deck to find a quiet, private place.  Checking the rooms he finds a kitchen, chow hall and, some crew quarters.   Taking a smaller quarter section he sits on the floor, crosses his legs, closes his eyes and begins to meditate.   Back straight, palms up, inhale, focus, exhale, elevate, inhale, feel the pull, the push, exhale.       “Walseem…Walseem!” Walseem opens his eyes and looks at the boy “What is wrong Walseem?” “Slaifon took my toy ship again! He won’t stop picking on me! Taking my stuff a-and—” “Calm yourself Walseem, focus. Look inward and find your calm.” The older boy said to him “Let us go brother, and we will talk to his parents.” the older boy had 10 years on Walseem’s younger self. “You’ve talked to his parents before, and it hasn’t helped, he keeps taking my toys!”  said the young Walseem.       As Walseem and his brother wait in the den of Auqom residence, Slaifon and his mother enter the room.  “I’m sorry boys, I’m not sure why he keeps acting like this.  “This is the toy you were speaking of, yes?” Slaifon’s mother holds out a small starfighter towards the two young boys.  Walseem grabs the ship with a weak “Yes, thank you.” but keeps his gaze towards Slaifon and Slaifon’s model ship he spotted in the corner as they walked in.  “Focus,” thought Walseem “focus yourself, apply yourself.” Focused on the model across the room, not paying attention to his brother and foe’s mother talk, he managed to pull it off the shelf making it float in the air.  “Walseem!” interjected a stern voice, startling him, causing a Walseem to drop model on the floor breaking it into pieces.  “Yes?” he said.  “We must go,” said his brother looking suspicious  “say your farewells.”       Looking down at his ship walking slowly Walseem follows his brother.  “You know I saw that right?” said his brother calmly, “ did you think I wouldn’t notice?  Wouldn’t care?  I am not our brother, I will not encourage acting out of anger.  That is a very dark path to walk down Walseem, please be careful.”  “I’m sorry brother,” said Walseem “ I will work on controlling my temper.”     Walseem opens his eyes feeling himself floating a few inches from the floor and hears a strained groaning and a loud thunk.  “I guess we’re here” he thinks and leaving his bunk Walseem pauses at the door with his hand on the handle.  “I will work on controlling my temper”

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