Stargazer Greenlan


Stargazer (Jocelyn)

  • Specie: Togruta
  • Languages: Basic, Togruti
  • Career/Specialization: Healer
  • Morality: 82 Love & Jealousy

The personal notes of the alliance intake interview…

Stargazer Greenlan, Togruta

Gregarious, bubbly, childlike, optimistic

Insists that the varactyl she calls Vera must go everywhere she goes—even had to accompany the interview—rather than in the stalls with the other pets and mounts. They have an unusual bond.

Doesn’t understand her force powers in a traditional sense nor the risk of using them openly. Dedicated to healing others and will not use a weapon/attack. Use caution on where she is placed.

She also seems to know and understand things that cannot be explained.

Born and raised on the planet Shili. Her clan of ‘gatherers’ respected for their creativity supported by another clan of ‘hunters’ respected for their strength. Typical Togruta culture, use each individuals skills and strengths for the collective pack, extremely social/pack oriented, etc. Based on some stories she shared, this was a golden happy time for her.

The clans lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the Imperials recruited. Her younger sister Annlily and her close friend Alama were eager and determined to go. Stargazer was reluctant, but joined to protect her little sister. Once on the fleet, her and Alama were identified as “gifted” and separated from Annlilly and put into indoctrination camps in an attempt to break them into tools for the Empire. This is the only time Stargazer was reluctant to talk and having heard horror stories of what happens in these places, I told her she didn’t have to continue. Later on, Alama and her are saved by an undercover jedi bothan named Diomhair who helped them escape, but dies in the process. Stargazer is quite affected by this loss, even now.

Stargazer stayed with Alama for a bit after the escape, but Alama no longer was the girl she knew back home so Stargazer leaves and ends up on Kashyyyk, the jungle home-planet of the Wookies. This is a lost time for the Togruta. Living in the wild forest jungles there, she learns to survive there why watching the wildlife and being in-tune with the force—though she understands this from a Togrutan perspective. She learned to hang around the varactyls because “predators avoid them because they are large and fearsome foes, but are vegetarians and not hostile when unprovoked.” According to her, one varactyl in particular she follows more often, it notices, and deliberately takes small actions to show her how to do different things and even protects her later on. Over time and due to her extreme Togrutan need to have companionship, they became a bonded pair. Stargazer views the varactyl as an equal and part of her pack, contributing to the ‘collective’ (though they are very only two of them) as a protector and survival guide and her own contribution as being a healer and understander of people. Stargazer really loves Kashyyyk, it is full of life and very connected to the force there, and becomes a sacred second home to her—she even wears a jewel that looks like Kashyyyk in her Togrutan headdress.

Eventually she meets the Wookies—who are very friendly and kind—and helps them out with varies things. After a skirmish, they learn of Stargazers force healing abilities and inform the alliance, who come and convince her that we not like the imperials.
It seems Stargazer has not caught on that she has been sent to places that normal medics are not sent to with the same expectations. Even while on the previous placement where she healed those trained doctors had difficulty treating strange afflictions from native plant life due to insufficient research, which proved to not be an issue for her force healing. She seems to think that she’s just very lucky from time to time.

Stargazer Greenlan

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